Moe Profane, San Antonio's Relativist Pop Artist

Moe Profane bearing the weight of his existential angst.

Yes, I am PROFANE. An iconoclast refusing to prostrate himself before the subjectively sacred. By exposing the absurdity of true symbolic meaning, I show that nothing is absolute. Through the rational defusing of sacred or taboo topics, I shift the viewer’s perspective, reflecting back a more empathetic and relativistic view of the world. Rather than just a snotty faced sneer at conventional thought, however, I present positive guides towards independent thinking, free of the subconscious manipulations of rituals archetypes or traditions. It is in this context that the personal, cultural, and biological purpose of my Relativist Pop Art is revealed,justifying a place for myself within Art’s broad expanse.

With “Taco War Correspondence,” I am inspired by the South Texas Taco Culture and how the normally complementary relationship between San Antonio and Austin recently became so strained. Nationwide, tacos have been enjoying a surging popularity, but what is perhaps a trend for other parts of Texas and the United States has been a way of life in San Antonio and a source of cultural identity based on a long culinary history dating back deeply into pre-colonial Mexico. This popularity has not only resulted in a greater consumption of tacos but more discussions of where to find the best ones. Rivalries between regions and cities that are deep rooted in many factors are recast in a more contentious spirit through tacos as questions are raised regarding authenticity, tradition and race. Suddenly a simple Mexican sandwich can be the vehicle for heated debate.

The taco is no longer just a taco, but a metaphor for colonial animosity and ancient grudges. Instead of mocking the symbolic power of the taco though, this show holds a mirror up to all soldiers of the taco culture wars, allowing them to see and better understand the source of their anger, and provides a way for others to understand why tacos are such a touchy subject for San Antonians.

These ideas are presented through my unique combinations of quick, simple, iconic imagery with a layering technique that creates universes of complex physical depth that slows the eye down. My Relativist Pop Art Icons possess a perceptible history that gives them a more authoritative tone and sense of importance while the typographic elements and unexpected juxtapositions reveal a depth of concept with a degree of humor that show how ridiculous our cultural narratives are and how often it is impossible it is to make heads or tails of conventional thought when more objectively reexamined.



Moe is the 5th generation of his family to grow up in the decaying little Ohio River city of Evansville, IN. After earning his MFA from Miami University, OH, he spent the worst years of his life maturing artistically in Louisville, KY refining the Relativist Pop Art perspective shaped by his experiences as a recovering Catholic, cancer survivor and (sometimes) optimistic existentialist. Since 2010, he has been adapting to life in San Antonio where he and his 2 children now reside in his home studio, lovingly referred to as Casa Fresca, near the Fredericksburg Rd Art Deco District.