God: All The Credit and None of the Blame

Why are there no hymns of blame? Why do we here people thanking him for the happy accidents and praying for his help during avoidable disasters?

I’m not faulting anyone’s need for meaning. I’m not begrudging anyone for wanting there to be a plan behind the workings of the cold random uncaring universe, but just imagine to be able to drop a devil wherever there is death and an angel wherever there is life. It’s a good gig if you can get it.

I’m not interested in questioning God’s will, his power or his existence. I’m questioning the foolish motivations behind the concept of God — the egotistic belief that we deserve a gift giving invisible sky daddy and the shithead externalization of all blame towards the many anthropomorphic boogeymen from which He protects us. Oh the sweet, soothing self delusion of fairytale placebos.

No, I’m not faulting the tendency to want there to be a face behind all the scary things that we don’t understand. I just have to shake my head at any adult who would settle for the ignorant imaginings of a scared pagan explaining away the thunder. Give yourself credit when you can. Accept the blame when you must…but the rest of the time you can just accept that the universe doesn’t give a fuck about you.

All the Credit. None of the Blame.

So here we see God sheepishly holding up a new house and a happy angel doll as all glory is praised around Him while below, an abandoned devil doll accompanies death and destruction that surely He had nothing to do with. This piece fall in line with my other work where I expose symbols and sacred imagery to the ridicule they deserve when presented in a literal way. I will paint it on my used fence pickets in a graphic style. More advertisement than Holy Icon.

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