July 17, 2014 Done No Comments

2014 • 52.75″ x 19.5″
acrylic, spray paint on used fence pickets

Everyone has come to calling the full frontal male figures as the “penis paintings.” In 2014 I decided to incorporate a little Texas imagery i.e. cowboys, into the series. Of course I’m not one to explore a topic at just face value.

I’ve seen many people who look like cowboys in Texas, but I’m not sure if any of them actually were. I imagine my path doesn’t cross that of a real working cowboy very often, but I have seen plenty of Texas zealots who fancy themselves, and every cartoonishly macho actor who ever set foot in Texas, as a cowboy.
Wiki.Answers.com says:

A drugstore cowboy is someone who is not a real cowboy, but dresses and acts like one. This term was originally created in the movie industry, to describe actors who would go to the drugstore lunch counter still dressed in their cowboy outfits from the movies. Another modern meaning is a drug addict who steals or scams prescription narcotics and controlled drugs from drugstores in order to get high.

I can imagine a guy like this hanging around the street corner in his cowboy getup with his drugstore ice cream soda. The monkey, in this case an organ grinder’s money collector, reveals his master’s true nature as it retrieves his spilled pills rather than the change from passing pedestrians.